Sound Post Demos provides experienced professional voiceover demo production with an emphasis on personal touch designed for your success.   Great scripts, great work, and a great experience.   Contact us to talk about your demo production.



We start with ‘hello’ and discuss where you are and where you want to go in your voiceover career.  Starting fresh? Established pro? Need coaching?  Guidance?  We’re well connected.   Let’s make it simple, personal, affordable, and great.

We’ll create a unique plan for you.  We’ll choose your words carefully from great scripts, provide demo-prep sessions, then schedule the recording sessions.  You can record from your home studio or your favorite local studio.  The production with licensed music and sound design is created, and the first mixes are emailed to you to review and gather input from the people you trust.  We then refine the work till it’s ready to be launched into the world.  

You’ll be working directly with Sound Post creative director Stuart Poltrock.  Stuart is an award-winning producer with 30+ years of experience casting, directing, and mixing audio production for advertising, corporate corporations, musicians, writers, and filmmakers, for countless creative projects.

In 2023 starting at $1,750 for the production of a commercial and narration demos.


Giovanna Inverso - Voice Talent

“Stuart is approachable, trustworthy, professional and an absolute pleasure to work with!”
Giovanna Inverso – Voice Actor

Joe Zieja - Voice Actor

“From a talent’s perspective, Stuart and his team are great to work with
and all-together present a smooth and professional experience.”
Joe Zieja – Voice Actor

Gregory Walle - Voice Actor

Stuart is such a pleasure to work with. He gives very precise direction. I love my commercial demo. It’s helping me book work. I would work with Stuart anytime.”
Gregory Walle – Voice Actor

Rosi Amador - Amador Bilingual Voiceovers

“I’ve worked with Stuart for years . . . He is clear and concise in his requests, is always efficient and extremely fair and is a kind business partner which matters enormously to me.”
Rosi Amador – Amador Bilingual Voiceovers

Phil Tower - Voice Actor

“Stuart’s gift is to direct and push me to do great quality work!”
Phil Tower – Voice Actor

Llou Johnson - Voice Actor

“I always look forward to sessions with Stuart… always great to work with and gets the job done right!”
Big Llou Johnson – Voice Actor

Kelley Buttrick - Voice Actor

“Stuart is the trifecta of creative experienced and business savvy.    I’ve been lucky to book a variety of sessions with Stuart from narrations to commercial work, and Stuart ROCKS every one of them.”
Kelley Buttrick – Voice Actor

Sheila Hart - Voice Actor

“Whether you’re just starting out and need a killer reel to land that first gig,
or a time-honored pro wanting to update your demo reels – Stuart’s Your guy!”
Sheila Hart – Voice Actor

Blaine Parker - Voice Talent and Writer

“I’ve been working with Stuart and Sound Post for over a decade. 
Their work is top-notch, and their attitude is always can-do.”
Blaine Parker – Voice Talent and Writer / Slow Burn Marketing in Park City, Utah

Scot Combs - Voice Talent

“Great guy and a great talent.  A+ Production.
If it was possible I’d give them a sixth star just for putting up with me all these years.”  
Scot Combs – Voice Actor

Shelley Cohen - Voice Talent

“Stuart’s expertise, patience, and understanding of his client’s needs and talent made it an absolute pleasure to work with him.  He knows how to bring out the best in a read!”  
Shelley Cohen – Voice Actor

Steve Stratton - Voice Talent

“Stuart is easy to work with and gives crystal clear direction.  He’s communicative without over communicating.  He has great creative ideas and delivers a first-rate product.”
Steve Stratton – Voice Actor

Fran McClellan this - Voice Talent

“I love working with Stuart from Sound Post!  Sessions are fun, they go smoothly, direction is spot on, and he is always super prepared so all I have to do is turn on my mic and do my thing.”
Fran McClellan – Voice Actor

Joe Anderson - Actor / Comedian / Writer

I’ve both produced and performed some of my best stuff here.
Always a great time!  On task and professional.”  
Joe Anderson – Comedian / Writer 

Peter Kim - Korean Voice Actor

“I highly recommend working with Stuart and his team.
They are very professional, communication is great and they are easy to work with.”
Peter Kim – Korean Voice Actor

Juana Plata - Spanish Voice Actor

“Stuart Poltrock is a complete gentleman: Always professional, always clear on expectations and requirements, scripts are professionally and accurately translated, and payments are always on time.”
Juana Plata – Spanish Voice Actor


You’ve made it this far. Go ahead and make the contact. Let’s talk about you!   (616) 940-8686